The leading specified-scale electricity utility, ENNET
ENNET, Creating New Value in Energy. ENNET is top share specified-scale electricity utility.

ENNET delivers electricity to over 22,000 customers nationwide,
a 27% share of the market among new-entry. As a leading specified-scale electricity utility in Japan,
ENNET is pioneering the future of energy society by our smart and expansive service.

※specified-scale electricity utility: new electricity utility
entrants providing retail service to deregulated market(extra high voltage
and High voltage segment with a contacted demand over 50kW) in Japan.

Our company name is derived from “Energy + Network”.
Through a combination of IT and energy technology,
ENNET offers a diverse range of low cost electric power services.

Energy + Network = Ennet

Message from President

Since the establishment in July 2000, We have been procuring electric power from LNG power plants (LNG = liquefied natural gas)as well as power plants nationwide and optimize them with electric power from our own plants in order to supply our customers with low cost and low emission electric power.

“ENNET” is named as the concept of “fusion of Energy and Network”. We are pleased to deliver more than 11 billion kWh of electricity now to more than 22,000 customers (as of March 2016) and have acquired the top market share among the specified-scale electricity utility.

As a second step of electricity system reform which started in 2000, residential sector will be liberalized in 2016. Electric retail industry will move on to the next stage where customer can choose the retailer and energy source with a variety of price structure.

By providing our smart service, we will contribute to our customer and society by creating new value in energy, promoting energy conservation, and the realization of stable energy supply.

President and CEO Yuji Kawagoe

Company Profile

Company Name
ENNET Corporation
July 7, 2000
6,300 million JPY
Joint-stock companies
President and CEO
Yuji Kawagoe
Iruru Takahashi
Yuji Uno
Naoyuki Taniguchi
Mikihiro Kitamura
Katsuhiko Kobayashi
Kazuhiko Takeeda
Morifumi Sahara
Tetsutaro Nakamura
Toru Uda
Head office: The Front Tower Shiba Koen 19F, 2-6-3, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
West Japan Headquarter: 4-1-2 Hirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

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Business Activities
・Electricity retailing
・Power generation

Our Vision

  1. Create a new energy community applying information technology
  2. Contribute to the revitalization of the economy by reducing total energy costs
  3. Pursue new energy solutions together with our customers
  4. Realize an energy portfolio emphasizing environmental performance and economic efficiency

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Lead the industry as the frontrunner among new electric utility entrants and offer expansive services satisfying customers.
  2. Comply with laws and regulations, forged ahead with integrity and fair business operations, and work to appropriately manage information.
  3. Be conscious of our social responsibility and take the initiative in seeking to establish our corporate ethics.
  4. Proactively address global environmental issues as a member of the electricity utility company.
  5. Maximize each and every person exercise his or her “abilities, motivation and creativeness” and work to improve our corporate values.
  6. Establish a workplace where everyone can work comfortably, mutually acknowledge individuality, and work together to improve each personality.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Electric Power Service of

ENNET provides a diverse range of low cost electric power services.

We are committed to offer not only low cost energy but low emission energy and wide variety of smart energy services
including visualization of energy usage and demand response.

ENNET,the leading specified-scale electricity utility.

Sales (Unit:100 million yen)

ENNET is a leading specified-scale electricity utility in terms of supply capacity.

ENNET procure electricity from over 200 power plants nationwide.
ENNET is recognized as the leading company in terms of stable
and nationwide power supply platform.

  • Sakura Solar Power Plant
  • Onomichi Solar Power Plant
  • Nishinomiya Solar Power Plant
  • Tokyo Gas Baypower Power Station
  • Ohgishima Power Station
  • Kawasaki Natural Gas Power Station
  • Osaka Gas Himeji Power Plant
  • Semboku Natural Gas Power Plant
  • Hirokawa Myojinyama Wind Power Plant
  • E-Square Power Plant

ENNET is a leading specified-scale electricity utility in terms of supply capacity.

ENNET has ability to provide low cost electric power
to customers through implementing advanced IT system
and efficient business operationalong with efficient
power generation from the most advanced power plants.

Note: We may not be able to fully accommodate a customer's requests due to the customer's electricity usage conditions.

ENNET's or shareholder's power plant:High-efficiency electric power generation and supply. ENNET:Reduction in operating and overhead cost, therefore Supplying low cost electric power. To Customer

ENNET Support Customer’s Energy Saving by Visualization of Electricity Usage

By taking advantage of IT, ENNET provides our customers with
easy-to-understand information about their electricity usage and
its charges. Our technology will assist rational and systematical
electricity conservation and cost management.

Visualization of Electricity Usage

ENNET Provide Low Emission Electric Power.

Our main energy source is liquefied natural gas (LNG) which has
relatively small environmental load compared to other fossil fuel.

Visualization of Electricity Usage


Head office

  • The Front Tower Shiba Koen 19F, 2-6-3, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

West Japan Headquarter

  • 4-1-2 Hirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka


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ENNET manages any personal information provided by customers responsibly.