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Message from the President

ENNET contributes to a sustainable society through new value from energy and ICT

For more than 20 years since its founding in July 2000, ENNET Corporation has supplied clean and stable electricity to customers across Japan, through proactive procurement of renewable energy from sources including liquefied natural gas (LNG) power generation as well as solar, hydroelectric, biomass, and wind power.

The company name ENNET expresses its concept of continuing to create new value utilizing energy and information and communications technology (ICT) networks to increase sustainability for people, society, and the planet.

As a result, in November 2021 we supplied electricity to more than 110,000 customers from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

To meet customers' increasingly diverse needs, in addition to offering value-added services such as the EnneGreen lineup of services that help reduce CO2 emissions from electricity and Enneteye AI-driven energy-conservation services, we plan to enhance our service lineup even further.

As we aim to remain the comprehensive energy services provider that continues to be chosen by our customers, we will contribute to a sustainable society by delivering valuable services while listening closely to feedback from customers and to the needs of society.

Naoyuki Taniguchi, President and CEO

Corporate Profile

Company Name
ENNET Corporation
July 7, 2000
10.7 Billion JPY
NTT Anode Energy Corporation, TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd., OSAKA GAS CO., LTD.
President and CEO
Naoyuki Taniguchi
Shingo Koduru Yuki Saito Katsumi Ikeda Akihito Tanaka Hiroomi Kawae
Naoyuki Suzuki Kaori Koya Kazuhiro Nakakubo
Norio Sasada Hideo Tsuruta Akira Kuriyama

Head office,East Japan Headquarters, The Front Tower Shiba Koen, 2-6-3, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
West Japan Headquarters, 1-4-14 Tosabori, nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

Business Activities
  • Electricity retailing
  • Energy-saving consulting

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Electric Power Service of ENNET

ENNET provides a diverse range of low cost electric power services.

We are committed to offer not only low cost energy but low emission energy and wide variety of smart energy services including visualization of energy usage and demand response.

Ennet is energy and service provider innovating with ICT.


Operating Revenue

Sales (Unit:100 million yen)

ENNET procures electricity from over 100 power plants nationwide.

ENNET is recognized as the leading company in terms of stable and nationwide power supply platform.

  • Ponteshio Power Plant
  • Kawaguchi 2nd Power Plant
  • Ohgishima Power Station
  • Moka Power Plant
  • Miyanosato Wood biomass Power Plant
  • HE-Square PowerPlant
  • Gifu Biomass Power Power Plant
  • Kohayatsuki Power Plant
  • Semboku Natural Gas Power Plant
  • Hiroshima-Gus Hatsukaichi Factory
  • Miyazaki Tsuno Power Plant
  • Waita Geothermal Power Plant

ENNET has ability to provide low cost electric power to customers through implementing advanced ICT system and efficient business operationalong with efficient power generation from the most advanced power plants.

Note: We may not be able to fully accommodate a customer's requests due to the customer's electricity usage conditions.

ENNET's or shareholder's power plant:High-efficiency electric power generation and supply. ENNET:Reduction in operating and overhead cost, therefore Supplying low cost electric power. To Customer

ENNET Support Customer’s Energy Saving
by Visualization of Electricity Usage

By taking advantage of ICT, ENNET provides our customers with
easy-to-understand information about their electricity usage and its charges. Our technology will assist rational and systematical electricity conservation and cost management.

Visualization of Electricity Usage

ENNET Provide Low Emission Electric Power.

Our main energy source is liquefied natural gas (LNG) which has relatively small environmental load compared to other fossil fuel.

Visualization of Electricity Usage


Head office, East Japan Headquarters

The Front Tower Shiba Koen, 2-6-3, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

West Japan Headquarters

1-4-14 Tosabori, nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka


Please direct any inquiries about ENNET to the following email address.
A representative will contact you soon.

ENNET manages any personal information provided by customers responsibly.